Overactive Bladder Syndrome


This is caused by an overactive detrusor muscle (the smooth muscle of the bladder) which tenses up without any control even before the bladder becomes full resulting in a sudden urge to urinate. It is a common problem that is often causes distressing and embarrassing symptoms including:


  • Having sudden urge to pass urine which is difficult to postpone and may be associated with urinary leakage.

  • Needing to urinate more often than usual.

  • Urinating at night (during bedtime).



Causes of overactive bladder syndrome

In most cases, the cause of overactive bladder syndrome is unknown. However in some cases, it can develop as a complication of a nerve or brain- related diseases such as stroke, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury.   


There are other conditions which can cause similar symptoms to overactive bladder syndrome including:



Treatment of overactive bladder syndrome 

It is important that before the start of any treatment, other conditions that may cause symptoms similar to overactive bladder syndrome are ruled out. Treatment options include:


  • Simple measures including fluid intake management, bladder training and pelvic floor exercise.


  • Medications to relax detrusor muscle:

    • Anticholinergics.

    • Beta adrenergic agonist.



  • Major Surgery to increase the capacity of the bladder.






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